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Welcome to PurposefullyPretty Inc. Outreaching, Teaching and Inspiring Young Women like You!


“PurposefullyPretty Inc. is a non-for-profit organization seeking to outreach, teach and inspire young women from all walks of life to identify and pursue their purposes.In establishing this organization we seek to shift the focus of young women from the negativity that presents itself in our society, to fulfilling their destinies.[…]

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Girl Taking Action

A Girl Taking Action(G.T.A) is a young women that has identified and is taking the necessary steps toward her purpose. She does not have it all together; she deals with doubt, insecurities and obstacles just like anyone else does. However, a GTA has made up in her mind that no[…]

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PurposefullyPretty In Medicine

P.P.I.M is a pre-professional program purposed to equip young women that have been underrepresented, but have a passion for medicine with what they need to become the medical professionals that they dream to be. As apart of this program young women will have a variety of opportunities to learn the[…]

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Saturday, March 10th will be PurposefullyPretty's 3rd Annual Career Day. We will be hosting it in honor of our late friend Dr. Sanche Graham, M.D. who has been a part of our carer events since day. Sanche was a graduate of Howard University and became an OB/GYN as a resut of her studies. At previous events, Sanche would bring in her laparoscopy tools for our guests to try it out for themselves.



Our service Coordinator, Krystal Miller, has organizaed a way for us to help homesless women in the community.

Think about this:

Have you ever gone a day without the ability to take a shower, brush your teeth,or wash your hair?
What about not having your feminine hygiene products for that time of the month?
Or not having anything to eat for days or weeks on end?

Well this is what the homeless in our community go through, most times at situations beyond their control and that is where they end up. While one would normally shy away from homeless beggars on the subway or the street we are taking part of a larger community who see the need to give something that matters back to the homeless. A sense of dignity and pride in taking care of themselves and the ability to have hope that people still care.

Help us by collecting and donating feminine hygiene products, toiletries (travel sized), and snacks for our BLESSING BAGS. Blessing bags are just that a bag full of blessings of what we take for granted as everyday essentials.

Donations can be dropped off at our CAREER DAY on MARCH 10th!.
Contact Krystal at Krystal.A.Miller221@gmail.com for an earlier dropoff location



View pictures and videos from our first event of 2017. We hosted our half yearly Meet and Greet to get to know our newly registered members and let them know about the team and all our organization has to offer them.


Diamond Craig

Founder & President of PurposefullyPretty Inc. & P.P.I.M

Justine Billups, MPA

Vice President, Board Member Administrator,MPA

Tiyanna Washington, L-MSW

Board Member. Outreach Coordinator, LMSW

Kameeka Burke

Executive Director

Krystal Miller, L-MSW

Board Member, LMSW- Lead Mentor I

Verona Young, M.D.

Senior Member

Oceana Porter

Senior Member

Sasha Joseph

Senior Member