Purposefully Pretty Inc.

Welcome to PurposefullyPretty Inc. Outreaching, Teaching and Inspiring Young Women like You!


“PurposefullyPretty Inc. is a non-for-profit organization seeking to outreach, teach and inspire young women from all walks of life to identify and pursue their purposes.In establishing this organization we seek to shift the focus of young women from the negativity that presents itself in our society, to fulfilling their destinies.[…]

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#IAmPurposefullyPretty Workshop Series

The #IAmPurposefullyPretty Workshop Series was launched to help young women identify and pursue their purpose in schools and with other organizations. The workshop series is a 4-, 7, or 11-week series seeking to help middle and high school aged young women identify their purpose. PurposefullyPretty Inc. strongly believes that every person[…]

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PurposefullyPretty In Medicine

P.P.I.M is a pre-professional program purposed to equip young women that have been underrepresented, but have a passion for medicine with what they need to become the medical professionals that they dream to be. As apart of this program young women will have a variety of opportunities to learn the[…]

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PurposefullyPretty merchandise is now available in our online store.

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#IAMPP Leadership Academy

From July 22 -July 26 2019, PurposefullyPretty plans to give 10 young women of color an intimate PurposefullyPretty experience; helping them identify their purpose and equipping them with the tools and resources that they need in order to become the next generation of movers, shakers and leaders in their perspective communities. In these 7 days, young women will have the opportunity to attend workshops and panel discussions lead by influential female leaders of color. They will have the opportunity to participate in empowerment circles, meaningful trips and purpose-identifying workshops.



Want PurposefullyPretty, Inc in your school?

Feel the organization would be a perfect fit for your girls to help them grow in confidence while being in an empowering sisterhood?

Then look no further than our #IAmPurposefullyPretty Workshop Series!!!

With various topics we will work with your young Queens-In-The-Making and help mold them into the confident, self assured, purpose-oriented women they can be.



Diamond Craig

Founder & President of PurposefullyPretty Inc. & P.P.I.M

Justine Billups, MPA

Vice President, Board Member Administrator,MPA

Tiyanna Washington, L-MSW

Board Member. Outreach Coordinator, LMSW

Kameeka Burke

Executive Director

Krystal Miller, L-MSW

Board Member, LMSW- Lead Mentor I

Verona Young, M.D.

Senior Member

Oceana Porter

Senior Member

Sasha Joseph

Senior Member