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3rd Annual: A PurposefullyPretty Career Day

Event Details

It’s that time of year again, PurposefullyPretty would like to outreach, enlighten, and open the minds of young people in our community to various careers and opportunities. We will be hosting this event in honor of our late, dear and close friend, Dr. Sanche Graham, MD.

For those who have been to our previous career day events, Dr. Graham was our resident OB/GYN  who brought in the laparoscopy tools for our young guests to try out. Dr. Graham was very passionate in opening the minds of the young people to the limitless opportunities that lay before them and she was passionate about giving back and sharing what she had learned with others. So much so that she came to the last career day after working a shift and instead of sleeping to prepare herself for the next shift she came scrubs and all to share what she has learned with out guests and left right for work after. That’s how dedicated she was to her job and her community. We hope to embody her passion and dedication and continue in or mission to outreach, teach, and inspire our young people to identify and pursue their purpose so that they can pay what they have learned forward to upcoming generations as Sanche had done.

If it’s in you mind, it’s in your future!