Purposefully Pretty Inc.

Asha B.

Asha B. has worked for AMC, BET and most recently Media Information Services. However it is through her journalism and documentary work that she is widely recognized. Asha has a passion for storytelling and has done so via platforms like Her Agenda, Teen Vogue, Madame Noire, VIBE, the NBA.com, Carib News and several others. In May of 2014 Asha graduated from Agnes Scott College with a degree in International Relations. While attending Agnes Scott, she took on several leadership positions and served a two-year term as a student member of the Board of Trustees. She is a two time award winning recipient of the college’s Sara Glendinning Journalism Award. Asha currently serves at the President and CEO of Passion Fruit Vineyard Productions where she oversees all pre, post and current production services for documentaries, The Dinner Table and A Time Before Kale.

Endeavors that you are working on:

1) The Dinner Table Documentary – The Dinner Table provides healthy images of women of color through an engaging five part documentary series. We also offer workshops that aim to inspire and empower high school and college students while providing media literacy and self esteem building resources. In 2016 we plan to host a “Let’s Do Dinner” tour where we will host dinners in New York, Atlanta, Mississippi and several other US states.

2) A Time Before Kale- A Full length documentary and photo project that highlights gentrification in Brooklyn. Made in homage to Jamel Shabazz’s A Time Before Crack to showcase the culture of Brooklyn per-gentrification. This project is currently in production.

Something that you overcame: Most recently I overcame my fear of letting people down. I have a really big heart and one of the obstacles I face is constantly feeling like I owe everyone who crosses my path something. In 2016 I made a vow to set boundaries for myself. Too many times while trying to help others I end up spreading myself too thin and burning out. This year I plan to help others but do so after making sure that I’m centered and where I need to be (mentally, physically and spiritually). Once I feel whole, I can help others more effectively without trying to do too much.

What makes you PurposefullyPretty? I think it’s my passion and love for what I do. More than anything what makes me purposefully pretty is my reverence and respect for God’s authority in my life. Not until I gave my heart and soul to him completely did I begin to truly walk in my purpose. In him I found my purpose, happiness, trust and a love that I can’t compare to anything else. I am purposefully pretty simply because I shine as a mere reflection of God’s incredible glow. Through his work in me I pray that others feel that love and light and are blessed.

Website: http://www.thedinnertabledoc.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ashakayb/