Purposefully Pretty Inc.

Ashley Keiko Chambers

Ashley Keiko Chambers, Founder and President of music school Keiko Studios, Inc., is an up and coming musician who has studied classical piano for fifteen years, the alto saxophone for ten years, and has been teaching piano for ten years.  Ashley recently received her master’s in Music Education at Columbia University, in May 2016. Through Columbia University, Ashley studied abroad at The Arts College at Xiamen University, Fujian Province, China, where she studied music and reflected on the ways in which culture, language, and the arts intersect in an increasingly polyglot and trans-cultural world. She received her bachelor’s degree in Jazz Performance at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. Ashley has participated as a member of the York College Blue Notes, playing as the lead saxophonist for venues such as Minton’s Playhouse in Harlem, Live at the Gantries, and the Louis Armstrong House Museum to name a few. She has also been featured on the game show Family Feud where she played for host Steve Harvey. In the future, Ashley hopes to not only be a performer but a music educator and advocate, especially to children, exploring the importance of music and how they can express themselves through it.

Ashley believes that her determination and undying passion for the youth and their musical education is what makes her PurposefullyPretty. Ashley goes great lengths to provide musical opportunities for the youth in her community. “It is such an important cause for  because when I was young music pulled me through some tough times. Music was, and still is, my number one outlet to express myself and be creative in ways that no other activity allows me to be”, Ashley states. She desires to give this experience to a younger generation who doesn’t have the same access to music programs as she did growing up. Ashley believes that inspiring young people to go into music is her purpose and she won’t stop until she can do just that.

Ashley is working on a major project in order to expand her reach of musical opportunities to young people in her community. Ashley is working on creating her very own musical studio in Queens, NY. In order to successfully do so, she needs your help. Please feel free to click the link below to help Ashley provide even more musical opportunities for young people. Please support!