Purposefully Pretty Inc.

Chavonne Hodges

I am a NYC-bred Advertising/HR professional by day and certified AFAA Group Fitness Instructor/ entrepreneur by night. Diagnosed with an anxiety disorder in college, I started exercising to feel better. As a co-creator and instructor of TrapAerobics , I strongly believe in the transformative powers of trap music and exercise. My love of music, fitness, and natural, good vibes inspired to me to start GrillzandGranola, which is the first product of GrillzandGranola.  When I am not working one of my many passion projects, I am creating fitness stock images with ClickCliqueNYC, recording my imaginary mixtape, and sharing new music under the pseudonym “Young Chavo.” 

Graduating from college was one of the highlights of my life, but starting my own business has been one of my greatest accomplishments so far. Starting a business has forced me to extend past my comfort zone and truly believe that that all things are possible when you’re passionate, dedicated and intentional with your actions. Because of my efforts, I have

I have overcome learning how to look at my ailments as strengths instead of flaws. For example, I used to feel ashamed to talk about my anxiety and how it makes me feel and behave, but after  I took the time to think deeply and reflect, I think it’s my superpower. In fact there’s studies about how people perform the best when they’re anxious. The trick is to manage my anxiety so that it’s at a level that encourages me to push through rather than burning out or doubting myself. That’s the part that I’m still sorting out, but exercising definitely helps. Right now, I am currently working to expand my business and acquire new skills that will get me there. I’m also working hard on balancing my time and intention. I’ve been taking classes  and meetings, and meeting new people to expand my thinking. It’s a lot of work, but I know that it’s necessary for me to grow.

I’m purposefully pretty, because I put my intentions and goals first. I don’t want to be the prettiest woman on earth.  I think that it would be a disservice for someone to validate my existence by only calling me “pretty”.Especially when I’ve worked 12+ hour days to align my thoughts, goals and behaviors. Being pretty only scratches the surface.