Purposefully Pretty Inc.

DeAndra Perry

Hi! My name is DeAndra Perry. I am 27 years old. I am from Jamaica, Queens, NY. I am a young mother to an awesome autistic boy, who goes by the name of Cameron. It feels so good but weird saying that. I was so private and isolated for three years. After being in the dark for so long, I was finally able to face my fear. The fear of negativity, cruelty and judgement that my son and I would have to face. Overcoming my fears for my son is a major accomplishment; especially with the help of my supportive family and close friends. Without overcoming my fear, I wouldn’t have made it this far, or had such big dreams. I was never ashamed or embarrassed of my son’s condition, I just knew no one would understand him or Autism. As a mother, I wanted to not only help my son, but protect him from the misunderstanding and misjudgment that he could possibly face from society.

Once I educated myself to the best of my ability about Autism, I began to reach out to other moms. I never had anyone who could relate to my blue journey. Because of that I began to isolate myself,which became extremely depressing. I was so hurt, frustrated and lost. Because of this, I used social media to network and meet other Autism moms. I decided that instead of isolating myself and my son, I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to uplift other mothers and help them get out of that dark space that I was once in. I also wanted to bring awareness and acceptance of Autism to my community.

After networking, meeting different Autism families and sharing my blue journey, I was able to build relationships with many of them. I decided to create the “Super Mom Brunch”. At this brunch, autism and all special needs moms were able to come out and not only network, but provide awareness and support to mothers who have children with special needs. There are many other endeavors that I currently have in the works, that will make a change for special needs children. I plan for my movement to provide support and opportunities for special needs mothers and children as well as enlighten our communities so that they will be more supportive andaccepting to children with special needs. I also hope to help children who may not have special needs to be more understanding and kind to those that do.

Autism is now my life, my son and I are in this together. My whole life changed including my goals and it’s all because of my little angel. I overcame fear and that helped me in so many ways. I now have a voice for my son and Autism overall. Everyday I am inspiring other Autism moms. I am slowly making a difference, bringing awareness to my community, and by doing this, I am Purposefully Pretty!