Purposefully Pretty Inc.

Erika Clark

My name is Erika Clark, CEO and Founder of eHoney LLC. A skincare and beauty brand for all skin tones based on skin of color research.I started research on skin of color in undergrad at Hampton University Skin of Color Research Institute. I continued to explore this passion after graduating in May 2014. I presented my research to numerous physicians, scientists, as well as classmates and I plan to further my education with a graduate degree in the next two years. I plan to grow my brand that I successfully launched in November 2016 to mass success. My vision is bigger than I can put into words.

I just started a campaign with eHoney to visually illustrate a diverse cast of people expressing their everyday skincare and beauty routine as well as describe what natural beauty means to them. My mission is to spread comfort in ones own skin and connect beauties from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and skin tones. You can see the campaign at www.ehoneyskin.com/blog and join the movement by sharing what natural beauty means to you.

I overcame a few heartbreaks, losing friends who I once was very close with, and a touchy subject for me to talk about was a near death experience in a traumatic car accident in September 2014 where I woke up in the hospital to a Right Femur fracture (the largest bone in your body). I had emergency surgery which led to months of therapy and recovery. I overcame adversity because many of these things could have set me back. I used every event as more motivation and more purpose to be grateful to GOD for my life, my health, and my family most importantly.

I am purposefully pretty because I spread love and light to everyone I cross paths with. My goal is to give everyone skin that glows like honey and make them feel comfortable in their own skin. I want to spread my glow and share my knowledge as I continue to grow and learn both skincare health, and overall wellness to live a happy purposeful life. I am pretty by example and with a purpose to help people look in the mirror and feel comfortable in their own skin and define natural beauty for themselves.