Purposefully Pretty Inc.

Kelly Green

I was 24 years old, a graduate (cum laude) from The University of Bridgeport, and on my third promotion at one of the worlds largest car rental companies. I knew staying on this successful pace, would lead me to hold a top ranking position in 3 years. Yet, things aren’t always what they appear to be. Yes, I sounded successful on the outside but feeling successful was far from the truth.

I felt unfulfilled as an individual. I started gaining weight and became unhappy with my day to day work and living habits. I knew I needed a change. For a couple of months I took time out of my day to pray and figure out what would make me excited about life and make me feel like I was living my life’s purpose. After careful thought, research, and conversations with family, friends, and God I decided to join the entertainment industry.

I resigned from my Human Resources job at the car rental company and began taking acting classes. I always had a passion for entertainment and studied dance at Benjamin N. Cardozo High School. In January of 2014, my acting education began and by July of 2014 I was on my way to Los Angeles, CA for an acting intensive workshop that I was selected to attend. This trip gave me the tools I needed to become a better actress and introduced me to great people in the industry.

My determination, belief in self, and support from my loved ones has helped me achieve some early career success. I landed a spot working with LaLa Anthony and Naturi Naughton on 50 cent’s TV show Power, I’ve shared a scene with James Franco in his new movie Michael, and had a blast as a Hostage locked in a freezer with Josh Duhamel, Dean Winters, and Kal Pen on the not yet released CBS show Battle Creek.

Those were all fun roles but one of my favorite roles is being an inspiration to others. I’m a strong believer of giving back and spreading knowledge so I’ve created a few platforms that help me accomplish this. I have a YouTube channel which I’m updating and it currently has videos on natural hair, motivational messages, and beauty. I also have a website and Facebook page which has longer form articles, videos, and quotes with inspirational messages. Some of my future goals include speaking at events so I can get closer to my audience.

What makes me Purposefully Pretty is my drive and beliefs. I strongly believe we are not meant to live paycheck to paycheck and our earnings shouldn’t solely be for bills and bare necessities. I feel we are all born with creative talents and if we have the courage to acknowledge and celebrate our passion we can all live genuinely happy and healthy lives. Faith and persistence can go a long way when following your passion. Although, the journey to success, while steering with your passion won’t always be smooth, I believe any goals you set for yourself are achievable. So thank you for reading this far and now I dare you to “Think Big and Act Bigger!” I dare you to rise.

Kelley Green xo
#Dare2Rise #FlyVibesOnly

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