Purposefully Pretty Inc.

Liane Membis

I grew up with a low-income, immigrant family in Atlanta, Georgia. We didn’t have a lot and our public schools weren’t the best but I studied my butt off and got into Yale University. I graduated from Yale with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Ethnic Studies. Shortly after college, I started an online magazine called BAUCE Magazine. It is a lifestyle site for self-made women of color. It has started to grow in popularity and recently received funding from angel investors.  Right now, I am working on launching BAUCE TV, a series of Instagram takeovers by #BAUCES for BAUCES. My first summer in New York City I was fired from my internship. It was a difficult situation to go through because I really had no next plans and had to scramble to figure out a way to stay in New York City. My faith kept me above water and helped me to stay grounded as I focused on getting a new job to pay my rent. I’m glad I stuck it out because sooner than later, things turned in my favor. What makes me PurposefullyPretty is my RESILIENCE. It’s not easy to defy societal odds or take an atypical route in life. But having the willpower to get up when you get knocked down and to keep building even when things get challenging is something to commend. When I started BAUCE, I never had the idea that it would reach the level that it has (and we are just getting started). I am excited to see who my continued resilience, bravery, and creativity will drive the brand forward and impact other women.