Purposefully Pretty Inc.

Paloma Paultre

Paloma Paultre is a singer/songwriter from Long Island, New York. She is a college graduate from Stony Brook University, and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.  Paloma began her career in music singing at talent showcases at school and open mics. Since then, her talents have been showcased at venues such as the Nuyorican Poets Cafe and Sounds of Brazil (SOBs). Today, Paloma has singles including Past to Present (which can be found on iTunes) and recently she has released her mixtape, The Dove. “As a media background, I am seeking to use multiple digital platforms to engage my audience in a profound way” Paloma states.  Paloma is currently working on a single and an conceptual album that will be released in 2018.
Paloma’s greatest job is not being a singer/songwriter; but it is being a single mother. Although she has faced many obstacles and hurdles in being both a single mother and an aspiring singer, she has not let these things stop her from pursuing her goals. “For some reason, there is this lie that women have been told, that once they  become mothers, they are expected to do everything but dream” Paloma expresses. “They are made guilty for thinking about anything other than their child; and are made to feel bad if they do”. Nonetheless, Paloma overcomes negative stereotypes that society places on single mothers, by working day-in and out, performing, writing and doing all that she can to accomplish her dreams.
What makes Paloma PurposefullyPretty is her dedication to and the intention behind her art. “I want to change the perception of what women can and cannot do”. As an artist and as a woman I want to show my audience that anything is possible. I want to use my voice to uplift women to follow their dreams.
Most importantly Paloma desires for both men and women   to take back ownership of their lives. She desires to encourage them to choose their own path, despite their circumstances.
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