Purposefully Pretty Inc.

Shaloma Logan

Hi! I’m Shaloma, a Jamaican-bred New Yorker. I graduated in the middle of the job recession six years ago with a journalism degree, and went straight into development: fundraising in the non-profit sector. I worked for well-known organizations and began a career in donor relations. I was on a good trajectory towards success. Yet, it was at one of my jobs – and in the middle of turmoil in most of my personal relationships – that I realized I was mindlessly living, day in and day out. I had fun outside of work, between ministry, going out and constantly networking but it was empty. I was always on the grind to build but I was not fully living. Now that my control and esteem had been shaken, I started questioning why I did whatever I did. Do I hustle from a place of fear? Of trying to prove myself on top of my game? Or do I live out of love – receiving freely just to freely give back? My habits and the ones of many I looked up to then seemed self-serving and unnecessarily hard-driving. Simply put, I was tiyad, chile. That juncture was the beginning of my journey of living intentionally.

I began to tap more into God-given talents: writing, artistry, and sharing my with others. I started doing makeup through my company, Shaloma Logan Makeup. I re-awakened my starving blogchild, www.talltalesandfancy.com. I began to forgive. I quit my job, and became vegetarian. I starting traveling on a plane again for the first time in years (the story behind that in on my blog) and explore different career options. I am Purposefully Pretty because I learned how to LIVE. Slowly. The journey of intentionally being is a slow one. Honestly, it’s slower than makes me comfortable. I like things to be done and to be done now. But we all know that microwaved things come out rubbery. So over the last few years, I’ve been marinating. Purpose, empathy and peace have seeped into my value system and pushed me farther than I thought I could be. I am still learning. I encourage young girls to hold onto God, hold tightly to their value and to just be. Real success is living and loving freely.