Purposefully Pretty Inc.

Shamara “Star” Cox

Shamara “Star” Cox, 28

I remember at 18 I had a dream that I gave birth to a baby girl and named her KarmelRose. Now 10 years later I am the Owner of KarmelRose Production Inc. It seems surreal. Me, an entrepreneur? The same woman who grew up in the hood in the Bronx, NY and had no thoughts of going to college? But God had another plan for my life.

I fell in love with television shows at a really young age and at 7 years old I declared that I would own my own channel. I remember being laughed at, but here I am now laying the foundation for an interactive network that creates lifestyle content in digital, TV Programming, and Programmatic Events. My network will serve as a platform to tell the stories of men and women and revolutionize/uplift positive Black images. We have adopted the slogan “FUBU: For Us By Us” where YOU create content that is just for YOU. I love telling stories. I was published twice in the Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans – once in elementary school and then another in junior high school. By high school I wrote full-blown stories in composition notebooks and my friends loved it. By 16, my best friend’s father wanted me to write my stories for television. Although the stories were never picked up it opened my mind to infinite possibilities. By 24, I produced and directed two short films, to shed light on Black Self Hatred, that both played in film festivals.

I did not always feel this powerful. I was depressed as a teenager and used my stories to escape the realities of life. I felt unfulfilled, voiceless, and I felt like I did not matter in this world. I remember crying in college with pills in my hand ready to end my life, but God stopped me. In 2015, I was faced with a difficult decision to save me or die, but God said, “Choose to live.” Now I stand here passionately living in my purpose.

I am Purposefully Pretty because everything that I do and everything I create empowers, inspires, and makes a difference. Under KarmelRose Production, I host monthly Tea Parties to empower women to live their dreams and make a difference in their community. I am producing a talk show – Wine & Whine – an all female cast that covers controversial and fun topics that matter to women. I am also producing a theatrical performance – eVe Monologues – that celebrates the strength and beauty of women. I am launching a non-profit, KarmelRose Foundation, to provide Post Scholarships to college graduates in order to pay off their student loans. The vision for the Foundation is to provide financial literacy and relief in order to inspire men and women to pursue their purpose in abundance. I urge you to think about your contribution to society. Your mind is filled with ideas. It is time to start walking in your purpose. Be so contagious that everyone who comes in contact with you will receive your power!