Purposefully Pretty Inc.

Stephanie Voong

Hey there! My name is Stephanie Voong and I am 24 years old. I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love California but I wanted to experience something new and different so I decided to attend Syracuse University in upstate NY for my undergraduate studies. I studied Entrepreneurship and Marketing and that was where I discovered my passion for social media marketing. After graduating, I moved straight to New York City to continue to pursing my dreams. I found a 9-5 job a few months after graduating and worked there for a total of 14 months before quitting. I became a full-time entrepreneur before my 23rd birthday. The day that I quit my job was one of the scariest yet best days of my life. The #SocialMediaQueen was officially born. And I learned that nothing is impossible- people may tell you that you can’t do it but you just go out and prove them wrong.

My social media company, SV Consulting, offers social media marketing services to small to mid-size businesses. Some services include social media management, strategy, and live coverage of events/conferences. I also offer social media courses where I teach professionals and help business owners understand the power of social media marketing. I also speak about social media at events and conferences. I am also a co-author of “The Art of Activation” book collaboration.

Currently, I am teaching social media classes at Borough of Manhattan Community College in the Continuing Education Dept. I am receiving more invitations to speak at business events and conferences. I am looking for opportunities to speak and mentor our youth/teenagers on how to stay safe on social media. I am also planning to expand my company into offering more than social media marketing services. I want my company to become a “one-stop shop” digital agency for small to mid-size businesses.

I am Purposefully Pretty because I am a young, female entrepreneur who is ambitious and dedicated to helping others find their purpose on social media. I’m tired of seeing our young females posting comments and photos that are negatively impacting their reputation. I want them to “own” their personal brands online so that prepares them for their future careers and they can inspire others in their generations. I want to inspire young females that ANYTHING is possible as long as you believe in yourself. The only person who can tell you “NO” is your own self. The world is your playground, so have fun and be safe on social media!