Purposefully Pretty Inc.

Syreeta Gates

Syreeta Gates 27 Years Old​. I consider myself to be an Culture Creator and Social Entrepreneur. I am currently the founder of The SWT Life ( pronounced Sweet Life) which is a company that maximizes the likelihood of success for young innovators by providing entrepreneurial coaching, personal development training, and exposure to leaders in the arts, entertainment and business. I am also the author of Just BE Cause: Ah Ha Moments to Inspire the Next Generation of Change Makers. The book highlights social entrepreneurs from all over the country.

If I had to name one thing that I overcame it would be Graduating. After running “Ministers of Culture” I knew I couldn’t get a regular degree, I had to up the ante once more. I knew my strengths, passion and purpose and this made all the difference. One critical thing that I had come to realize is, when you move in the world with purpose your whole swag changes. You know specifically what you will and will not do just because it either is or is not in alignment with your purpose. Because I couldn’t get a degree that someone else made for me, I started researching schools that would allow you to create your own major. I found two programs that would allow me to do that: NYU Gallatin and CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies (CUNY BA). I applied to CUNY BA and got accepted for Fall 2010 and declared my major as Urban Youth Culture.

Endeavors that I am currently working on are: Covering August Martin High School with graffiti murals that represent the young adults who have to walk through the hallways everyday. My objective is to liven up the school and make it more colorful with the assistance of the folks behind 5Pointz. As a Dream Director at August Martin High School, I am responsible to bring positive change; this will be one. I am also working on Word IS Bond: A never told documentary of hip hop journalist. On my spare time I am Becoming a Lego Builder, Learning to code​, and mastering Digital Archiving.

What makes me PurposefullyPretty is having the audacity to create​ a lane for myself without having an example. From college dropout to my self-devised school of hard knocks to a somewhat late registration in self-defined Unique and Interdisciplinary studies, I have allowed myself to accomplish so many goals alone.

Stay ready so you never have to get ready, it’s the mantra that keeps me pushing myself.

Instagram/Twitter: @syreetagates​​

Website: SyreetaGates.com