Purposefully Pretty Inc.

Taylor Alexis

I’ve always felt connected to the quote, “When madness takes its toll, please have exact change” but I wasn’t 101% sure why that was. Now that I’m 26 I’ve found that reason and I also believe that I finally found my lane, my voice and my purpose.
Nurtured by my grandmother for all of my life, I’ve always wanted to create and help others but I didn’t know in what way I could pull that off. Fast forward to furthering my education, I attended Penn State University where I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Accounting. A subject I thoroughly despised. I knew that my heart was in marketing and that’s where I needed to be. I thought to myself as I was crossing that blue and white stage, how am I going to do this? I had no idea what I was going to do and I didn’t have a plan, although I knew for sure that I wanted to be in the marketing world. I told myself after landing my first job at a law firm as a Compliance Analyst that this is only temporary as I figure out what door I was going to break down. In the meantime, I started my blog, Taylor’d World in an attempt to let off some steam.

After months of writing down my frustrations in life and preparing for interviews for entry level marketing positions, I finally snagged a Brand Marketing internship at a Plastic Surgeon’s office. An odd way to break into the beauty industry but a foot in the door nonetheless. There, I assisted in developing marketing campaigns for new client leads and creating social media content for their different brands within the company. During this time, I was extremely tired because I was still working at the law firm at nights but more than ecstatic to be doing what I enjoyed during the day, which was creating.

Life will always consist of many plot twists and challenges but trust me when I say, it’s about how you handle it. Any time I go through a rough patch in life, I always think back to December 26th 2009, when my life was spared by the grace of God in a hair salon. On Taylor’d World, I wrote about how much my life changed after that. I began to complain less and laugh more after looking down the barrel of a rifle. I wasn’t the same person. I was no longer satisfied with being “okay” in life. I wanted more. I was born again but somehow in between that time I fell deep into the hole of self-doubt when a medical issue arose.

During this time, I was diagnosed with vasculitis, an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation of your blood vessels. For two years, I would deal with swollen ankles, extreme fatigue, weight loss and many red bruises on my legs. I didn’t want to go outside during the summer nor did I want anyone to see my legs, as I was ashamed of being so young with a condition as such. At that time, I was no longer working for the Plastic Surgeon’s office and I put Taylor’d World and my dreams of marketing on pause. I thank God every day for my support team who continued to help drive out my fears of not being able to make it.

In a few months, I landed another position at a nail polish manufacturing company where I got back into social media marketing and I eventually rebranded Taylor’d World. I wanted to take matters into my own hands to show the marketing world what I could do. Instead of just blogging about whatever artsy fartsy thing that crossed my mind, I decided to start a podcast as a further extension as to who am I. The Taylor’d World podcast features myself and sometimes a few guests to discuss art, music, pop culture and social issues on a weekly basis that’s available on iTunes, SoundCloud & Stitcher. Because full circle moments happen every so often, I tie my number one passion, music, into my show with themed MixTay playlists every Friday.

While working on growing my podcast, I’m currently in the process of writing a novel about a woman’s 384-day journey of finding love through the word “no.” However being the machine behind my podcast has given me the confidence to say exactly how I feel about any topic and the courage to share the creations from my heart without second guessing myself. I’ve found my way to reach out to my listeners and connect with them on levels to make them feel like they aren’t the only one going through these issues. Knowing that either my podcast episodes or my playlists helps to change someone’s mood makes my heart warm and pushes me to continue the cycle of creating and sharing.

When my vasculitis entered remission I realized that, I was no longer afraid to dust the ash off of my soul and goals to fly again and that’s what I want to share with young women everywhere. I’m Purposefully Pretty because I am not afraid to start again. I’m Purposefully Pretty because I won’t let a setback define who I am. I’m Purposefully Pretty because I had exact change (and then some) for the madness that came my way. I am Purposefully Pretty.

P.S. The name is Taylor-Alexis. 🙂