Purposefully Pretty Inc.

Tiara Adams

I am beautiful and fearless!

This is something that I remind myself of daily. It isn’t easy living in a world where minority women today are still oppressed and the average man, earn more than women in virtually every single occupation. My inner strength, patience, passion and confidence gets me by and it is what allows me to want to make a difference. Amongst a world that carries so much hatred and negativity, I still remain expressive of love and kindness towards others. Yep… That’s me. A bonafide lover and helper! I love helping others simply because I enjoy seeing people genuinely happy. Currently, my greatest joy in life is my pursuit of ambition. Building a brand and becoming a successful young entrepreneur. I believe my contribution to this world is reflective and measured by my faith.

Hi there! My name is Tiara Adams, 24 years of age. Director and Co-founder of I AM DANCERS of Nassau County; alongside my amazing partner Désa Bowers. Born and raised in Long Island, New York. I am currently a Full-time student at SUNY OLD WESTBURY COLLEGE studying American Studies and expected to obtain my B.A. this spring 2017. I am honored to be a full-time Teaching Assistant at an Elementary School where I graduated. I have been a Teaching Assistant for the past 5 years. I have also been the elementary cheerleading coach for the years that I’ve been with the school-district.

My love for children comes natural. My motivation for teaching is that every child can do what they set out to, with the right support. My goal is to inspire, motivate and empower young children of today to achieve their goals while someday pasting this to the next generation. Most of my time is dedicated to the youth of my community. I enjoy dancing, instructing and teaching. Whether it’s with students during school instruction, after-school extra-curriculum activities or the long weekends back at our business with dancers… I care and embrace every child with love!

Back in 2015, My partner Désa Bowers and myself started “I AM” DANCERS; a community organization that enriches our young girls to work together through the art of dance by adding love, partnership, fun and creativity to our community.  We are passionately committed to providing girls a positive, structured and inspiring environment. In our community we lack affordable recreational activities for girls. Boys have sports but when it comes to girls there’s not much of anything left besides school activities. Through I Am Dancers, girls are able to learn different styles of dances without breaking their parent’s wallet. Désa and I plan to put the community back together one dance at a time. We encourage girls to become leaders and we push our girls to become technically proficient, yet at the same time build strength and self-esteem. We inspire our beauties to follow their dreams and pursue their passions unapologetically and against all odds. Our desire and commitment to reconstruct our community exemplifies what makes us PurposefullyPretty.