Purposefully Pretty Inc.

Tiffany Davis

Hello! My name is Tiffany Davis. I am 26, born and raised in Queens, NY. I am currently an Assistant Planner at Saks Fifth Avenue but recently launched my own t-shirt brand, The Humped Zebra. I started out my college years studying architecture and after 2 years realized it wasn’t a career I wanted to grow old with so I decided to study merchandising at the Fashion Institute of Technology and had the time of my life. While studying at FIT, I interned at Seventeen Magazine, Brooks Brothers, and Manolo Blahnik. I also took advantage of their study abroad program (which I think every college student should experience), choosing the city of London and interned at Dorothy Perkins during the program.

After landing my first “real job” in corporate America, I had this tugging on inside; that I need to be doing more with my life and that I’m meant for a greater purpose. So 3 years ago, I started playing around with the idea of my own t-shirt line. I started designing, writing down my ideas, but I just seemed to keep hitting a roadblock. It wasn’t until a couple months ago I discovered my roadblock. It was me.

“Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds” – Napoleon Hill.

You name it I thought it, for a long time; no one is going to buy this, no one cares about my ideas, I don’t have the funding, I don’t have the support, etc. Once I overcame my fear of events that didn’t even occur yet, I felt unstoppable. I did my research and locked myself off from everyone else until my website was launched.

After my day job I spend my free time working on The Humped Zebra, the name inspired by a street crossing sign I saw while in London. My brand is quirky, rude, funny, and it’s just a reflection of the random thoughts that cross my mind. Currently under my brand I create t-shirts and totes but in the future I will be expanding into more accessories, and soft goods. I honestly can come home from work exhausted but if have a thought about my brand I will work through it until 2am if I have to. It makes me happy to work on this and my goal is to one day make my brand my main job.

I am Purposefully Pretty because I overcame my negative thoughts, I believe in my true purpose, and I am determined to work through this journey to fulfill my purpose. My advice to the young ladies of today’s generation is to pay attention to you. One of the best lines I repeat to myself is, “ It is none of your business what anyone else is doing”, meaning don’t compare yourself to others. It may take you longer than others to achieve your purpose but it doesn’t mean you failed. I surround myself with people I aspire to be; I enjoy people that question me, that challenge me. If I’m not scared I know I’m not being challenged. I was TERRIFIED when I launched my website, I’m still terrified but it proves to me that I’m pushing myself. Push yourself, be scared, and your possibilities will be endless.

Website: TheHumpedZebra.com

Instagram: @theHUMPEDZEBRA