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Yasmeen Z. Thomas

Yasmeen Z. Thomas graduated from Nyack College with her Bachelors of Science in Social Work in May of 2011. She continued her education at Rutgers University Graduate School of Social Work where she earned her MSW in May of 2013. Yasmeen has worked at various social service agencies where she has served as a mentor, In-home therapist, family worker, and case manager. She is currently working as an Individual Care Coordinator at Jewish Child Care Association in Brooklyn NY.
Compassionate, enthusiastic, loving, ambitious, Inspirational speaker, and mentor are some words to describe Yasmeen Z. Thomas. She is passionate about helping people by way of counseling and sharing the love of God. Yasmeen believes that being transparent and sharing her story will inspire others to first, to discover who God is in their lives and then to discover who they are through personal relationship with God. Yasmeen believes that her story will compel others to learn to love themselves and give them a desire to embark upon a journey of self-discovery. Yasmeen is a firm believer that we all live a purpose driven life that is full of dreams and aspirations. She enjoys sparking that fire in others to chase after their dreams, until they become a reality. Boldly, believing in her own dreams, she has made a brave decision to chase her dream of missions and international social work.

Her entire life she had a burning passion to see the world, not for “seeing sake” but for the purpose of taking hope to hopeless nations and overall a hopeless world. Through much prayer and godly counsel, she has realized that her work is not for our region alone… she was called to the uttermost parts of the world. Her feet were created for foreign soil. Coupling her passion to empower women from all walks of life with an overwhelming desire for missions and international social work, she decided to take a huge leap of faith and give all of her time and energy to that which makes her happy.

So, for the next month she will be embarking on a 3-month journey to India with a Program called “Homes of Hope India-US.” She will be privileged to work with precious orphan girls who come from various homes, families, and communities impacted by trauma. She will be given the opportunity to show them genuine love, care and most of all give them the hope which we have in Jesus!