Purposefully Pretty Inc.

Zalyia Grillett

My business is becoming not just a business but my nature, my tact, a piece of my soul. Every time someone orders a card from me they are asked to take the extra step of pouring their personal stories to me so that the card can best represent the relationship and occasion and for that it is forever a humbling experience. Luckee Star Cards is a small business that you are able to create the perfect card for the person on whatever occasion they choose. I take the emotions, feelings and experiences from your story and I recreate the words, quote and viola, your very own LSC card is born. (Hence I received the nickname, “The Hitch of Greeting Cards” lol)

My family, especially my godfather, is responsible for my love for cards. I can’t remember a time that they didn’t go out their way to get me the “perfect” card or create one just for me. From birthdays to simple attendance awards, they always made sure I knew not just out loud but on paper that not only was I loved but I was appreciated. They taught and instilled in me the idea of “do unto others as you wish done unto you” and I may not be perfect but I try anyway I can to reciprocate that. The cards that I make are for those who want to show appreciation to those they love or care about it. People forget just how important a thank you can go! We live in a world where people don’t treat others as how they wish to be treated but treat people how they treat them. I can not change society but I hope to make a difference one card at a time.

When asked about me … This is my second chance at life and I’m blessed to be able to realize that I should use it to make some type of difference. When I was 16 going on 17 years old, due to health issues, I flatlined & had to be resuscitated. Due to my mother’s prayers, strength of my family and love from those around me, I was able to recover and live the life I was suppose to live. I may not be able to do my previous passions but I knew I would find plenty more. I’ve always been very creative and kind to anyone around me. People would tell me I’m crazy for always “being so nice” but you have to treat people the way they deserve to be treated. I attended SUNY Purchase College, studied Ethnomusicology and received a Liberal Arts with a concentration in Performing Arts degree. As an undergrad, I became an illustrious member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and realized even more my life would revolve around helping others.

I was always told I had a knack for words and I knew deep down that I always wanted a card business but to be quite honest, I thought people would think I was a lame. I was already considered a nerd because I owned no tv (still don’t), read books in my free time and listened to classical music to focus. You know how we all have that moment where you know where you have to do something? Well, I was in such a horrible place mentally, physically and spiritually about 2 years ago and it was then something in me knew this is my time to do what I WANT to do. One year later, I have my own business which I named Luckee Star Cards. The name means everything to me because Luckee is my middle name and I’m sure by the story above you can see why as well as my family always use to call me a star because I loved to perform (sing, dance, act, play pan, anything!) and to be honest, stars are one of the most magical things in this world and that’s what I want to create when you read your card- magic. Magic in words is The Luckee Experience.

Just like anyone else, life as an entrepreneur has not been easy. I work a full time, I have a full time family and I have a full time life. I use to let each these things discourage me at some point because “I never had enough time” for my business. However, in March I found out that when I had such a horrible time 2 years ago, it was caused by a pituitary adenoma, which is a benign brain tumor that I currently still struggle with. It affects my memory, my emotions, my vision and I suffer from severe headaches. Finding out this information seemed like it would deter me at first but it actually forced me to remember that I have to live for me and do things that make me happy… ironically that’s making others happy. Regardless of how I’m feeling physically, I will continue to do my part in helping the people in this world. It may not be a grand gesture but at least I know everything I do is always sincere and true and nothing could make me happier than to see what I do make someone else smile.

– “Experience The Moment”.