Purposefully Pretty Inc.

PP Parent Association

The PP Parent Association is designed to get more parent involvement with PurposefullyPretty. The 3PA will help in the process of making sure that our events and activities are aligned with our mission, aid in the functionality of the workshops (set-up, refreshments, clean-up). Also as a member of the 3PA monthly dues will be paid to the upkeep of the organization, workshops/events, and excursions.


  • Members of the 3PA are asked to pay monthly dues of $10 as part of this association
  • Members of the 3PA will also be asked to attend quarterly meeting to discuss updates and occurrences that take place within the organization

To be a member of the PP Parent Association please email all inquiries to PurposefullyPretty12@gmail.com or KameekaB@purposefullyprettyinc.org